Welcome to FusionGEN

Dear User, This is FusionGEN.
A continuation project continued by fellow web-developers under the conditions of Open-Source. Many people loved FusionCMS, But time is evolving and FusionCMS has been idle for quite some time. We are here to bring up a new Open-Source Project to bring you an optimized and cared for CMS that will evolve over time with love and passion from its contributors. FusionGEN is still powered by the Codeigniter Framework, it's Original PHP Code, It's Original HTML Code and It's Original Javascript Code. What we are focusing on is improving it all. Making it stronger, faster and more Modern.

Thank you for downloading FusionGEN

1. Please configure your PHP settings to match following requirements:

PHP Settings Current Version Required Version Status
PHP Version 8.0.28 >= 7.1.33

2. Please make sure the extensions/settings listed below are installed/enabled:

Extension/settings Current Settings Required Settings Status
MySQLi On On
GD On On
cURL On On
json On On
MBString On On
OpenSSL On On

3. Please make sure you have set the writable permission on the following folders/files:


Enter general settings

(A more in-depth Analytic System than what is provided within the Admin Panel [ACP])

1. Please enter your FusionGen database connection details.

2. Please enter your Auth database connection details.

Realms settings

You must specify a realm so that you can log in later
If you host the realm databases on another host (i.e. not on the server where you are running the emulator), you can configure that via the admin panel afterwards

Homepage Owner

Enter your account name to get owner access on the homepage (Case sensitive!)
Congratulation! You have successfully installed FusionGen!
Don't forget to delete "install" folder!